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English photographer Julian Hibbard offers an adult take on the alphabet book in The Noir A-Z. Replacing whimsical sketches of kids in letter shape with provocative pairings of word and image, Hibbard has concocted a dark and voyeuristic vision. An element of danger consumes each letter, tying the images into a loose narrative. Each page representative of Noir, the book achieves more than the base context of A-Z.

The images are sexy. They are also just complex enough to pull emotional strings through an easily read composition. O for “observed” seduces the reader into spying on a pure an innocent woman. Hibbard manages to tie the reader to the scene as active participant and not simply observer. That, in part, is the art of Noir A-Z. And, in full, the fun of the book.

Hibbard’s work has been in exhibited in London, Scotland, Santiago de Chile, New York and Los Angeles. He’s been honored at the 2008 International Photography Awards and was given an ASME Award in 2007. The Noir A-Z is published by Mark Batty Publisher, an independent imprint dedicated to distinctive books on the visual art of communication.

Available now through Amazon.

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