The strangest gift I ever received through mail was a Reuben Sandwich Kit from Zingerman’s. The Ann Arbor outpost does a terrific job, however, of sourcing foodstuffs and preparing packages that defy the limitations of ones local markets. That same principle can be applied to mail order steaks. Do local steakhouses have better cuts than you get at your nearby butcher? Do you even have a nearby butcher these days? Yes and no are the typical answers to those questions. Mail order solves the problem.

Having sampled steaks from a full range of mail order meat providers (from the ubiquitous Omaha Steaks to Allen Bros), my favorite is certainly New York’s Lobel’s. Above is their dry-aged Cowboy steak. They’ve also got a fine line in Berkshire and Durac pork, and will happily service a need for American Wagyu.

Another mail order favorite comes from New Bruanfels, Texas. The smokehouse’s sausages are highly recommended.

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