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Apologies for the constant Warhol coverage in recent months. Exhibitions, like that at the Milwaukee Art Museum, which have generated new thought and explored under researched areas of the artists life have come as welcomed additions to the study of Pop Art. The latest chapter, or rather book, to focus on Warhol was released yesterday. Arthur Danto, Columbia University Professor of Philosophy, is the author. Simply titled Andy Warhol, his book is a tour of Warhol’s life with compact analysis of a multi-demensional career.

To borrow from Yale University Press’ release,

Danto suggests that “what makes him an American icon is that his subject matter is always something that the ordinary American understands: everything, or nearly everything he made art out of came straight out of the daily lives of very ordinary Americans. . . . The tastes and values of ordinary persons all at once were inseparable from advanced art.”

Well worth seeking out. Available now from Amazon.

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