01. Covering the Good Books

“When reading was more fundamental than tweeting, Time Life Books played a significant role in getting the general public to acquire books on almost every subject, from the histories of World War I and II, to chronicles of America’s infamous criminals and the Wild Wild West, to the nuts and bolts of home improvement and auto repair…” (designobserver)

02. Evisu’s Comeback: Interview with CEO Scott Morrison

“Media coverage touting Evisu’s first collection designed by their new CEO and creative director Scott Morrison has been hard to miss. Looking back to the pre-WWII selvedge Levi’s and Hidehiko Yamane’s obsession with them that originally inspired him to found the brand in 1991…” (coolhunting)

03. Hasselblad H4D (above)

42,000$US! “From the “If you’ve got more money than you know what to do with” department, comes the Hasselblad H4D Camera. The iconic medium format camera boasts a mind-numbing 60 Megapixels and the breakthrough True Focus technology that uses highly-complex techniques and algorithms to aid in focusing on off-center objects.” (acquire)

04. We Are Hunted

The 99 most popular emerging songs in the world (wearehunted)

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