01. Last Look: Prada Transformer

“Prada spent two years planning and designing Transformer–a building that changes shape–and nine months using the cocooned-steel structure to display new and old fashion, films and art on the grounds of a Korean palace. Later this week, the company starts taking Transformer apart even as its leaders are debating what to do with it next.” (wsj)

02. License To Act Irresponsibly?

“On his blog, Dan Ariely cites recent research that he says has some implications regarding ‘green’ consumption and the idea that one ‘green’ purchase may give us “license” to feel we’ve done our part, we’re off the hook, and we can ignore such considerations in our next action…” (murketing)

03. Puma Pitcrew

GBH has built a Ferrari Grand Prix car out of designer gear – with the help of 1,500 T-shirts and 88 pairs of jeans. The full size replica of the Formula One car Kimi Raikkonen is driving this season has gone on show in at the Puma store in London’s Carnaby Street. (cr)

04. Christian Louboutin + Piper Heidsieck  (above)

“Famed shoe maker Christian Louboutin has launched their own champagne in partnership with champagne maker Piper Heidsieck. To commemorate this, they have released a limited edition gift box containing a bottle of champagne and a glass shoe designed by Christian Louboutin. It will be exclusively available through Colette starting October 26th.” (dieline)

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