01. Record Stores: Out of Sight, Not Obsolete (above)

“Most of the time Downtown 161, a record distributor in Lower Manhattan, is off limits to the public. But once a week it becomes an unusual kind of record store for friends of Vinylmania, a Greenwich Village shop that closed in 2007. Customers run their hands over items in fancy packaging, chat with the seller and brag about their collections — all the typical stuff that grows more endangered every time another store closes.” (nyt)

02. Two erasers from Korea

“MonAmi is Korea’s largest stationer, and Gripix is one of their brands associated with mechanical pencils, leads, and erasers. HwaRang is a long established rubber company. I believe both firms do have some products for sale in North America, though they are not prominent in the stationery market.” (penciltalk)

03. The Davis Divan: The Little Trike That Couldn’t

“The photo is from the U.S. Army’s testing trials of the Davis Divan, an ill-fated foray into three-wheeled motoring from the 1940s, as reported by The New York Times. The story reads like Tucker…with one less wheel.” (core77)

04. Welcome To The Age Of The Anti-Label

“…Nobody needs any of these clothes, not even those presumably impeccable basics at Jil Sander/Uniqlo. And if irony ain’t selling right now I truly don’t know if there is a market for such expensive jokes in the forseeable future.” (imagist)

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