Did Jay-Z really make the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee could? Did I really just mention Jay-Z? So sorry.

With MLB play-off season in full swing baseball caps are once again on the mind (and head). For those with no defined allegiance to any competing team, or any outfit in pro baseball for that matter, there is an alternative to the everyday New Era. In truth, there are many. One example comes from Ebbetts Field Flannels, makers of exacting replications of uniforms from the sports by gone era. The 1940 San Francisco Seals of the Pacific League and the Detroit Cubs (an Independent Negro team) are just two of the offerings. The caps take to history in reviving memory of the teams and of manufacture. Not famous, like the teams of DiMaggio or Ruth, but nonetheless important in America’s sporting history.

Off the topic of caps (but remaining on the topic of baseball) Jeff once lived next to Fenway, Jason has likely never played the game, and I once caught two no-hitters on route to becoming a Little League all-star. I also grew up without a home team, so naturally gravitated to historic franchises.

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