01. Jin Young Yu’s Spooky See Through Dolls

“Okay, I have absolutely no idea what this is (and I don’t speak Russian), but it’s amazing work by Korean artist Jin Young Yu.” (joshspear)

02. Hodinkee Destroys A Reactor Trident (above)

“The Reactor Trident is currently on its way to becoming the most popular watch among men and women in the armed services. The reason? Legend has it it survived 2 IED attacks and a suicide bomber. We at Hodinkee decided to put it through more real life situations, things that we go through with our watches every day. We dropped it from a 40ft bridge, threw it against a brick wall, ran it over with a Bentley, and hit it with a hammer 8 times.”

03. SOLAR DECATHLON 2009: Team Ontario/BC’s North House For Cold Climates

“We’ve been bringing you breaking coverage of this week’s Solar Decathlon in Washington DC throughout the week and one of the most interesting homes to emerge from the competition is the North House, a super sleek, high-tech solar powered home designed to generate more energy than it consumes – an especially impressive feat granted that the home was designed for the extreme climate of Northern Canada.”  (inhabitant)

04. Subports: A text message retail experiment

“Charged by experimentation and a dash of contemporary art world mystique, we bring you Subports, a curious way to buy and sell. Our aim is to significantly lower the barrier of entry to the digital market place by giving local merchants, new-to-the-scene designers and upstart boutiques a competitive advantage in promotion, marketing and selling. Subports allows you to activate a retail presence anywhere — in print, on the web, on the street…” (core77)

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