01. Hometown, America

“California and New York are places where people go to make it big. Missouri is a place where the big once were small. The list of those who spent a portion of their youths in the “show-me state” runs long: from Burt Bacharach to Eminem, T.S. Eliot to J.C. Penney, Calamity Jane to Kenneth Lay . . . on it goes.” (designobserver)

02. The Sacred Made Real at the National Gallery

“In the northern Spanish city of Valladolid, I am examining the corpse of a man who has suffered a terrible and sustained assault. His eyes are glazed in death, his mouth hangs open, his body is covered in a mass of wounds and lacerations.” (telegraph)

03. Dieline Awards

“TheDieline.com, The World’s Leading Package Design Website, Launches The Dieline Awards, an International Design Competition Recognizing the World’s Best Package Design…” (dieline)

04. Frieze Week Report (above)

“Frieze week reportThe vibe this year at Frieze was future-facing; mention of the downturn bought about visible ennui. Instead, it was all green shoots and what’s next. The main Frieze tent in Regent’s Park was its usual heady mix of hustlers, heavily botoxed collectors, students and artists all scribbling notes, gossiping and clicking away with cameras” (wallpaper*)

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