Where the runway meets the street

Details have just put their latest rules of style, this time with Kris Van Assche. Unsurprisingly, the man helming Dior Homme is obsessed with monochrome palettes, leather jackets and white shirts. While he’s not as acidic as, say Scott Sternberg, he does have some things to say. His first rule rags on other fashion houses not thinking about how their clothes will be worn, a problem which doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon:

“A lot of fashion houses design for the catwalk and not the street—then you see the clothes on a regular guy and it’s a mess. Don’t disguise your personality behind labels; impose it on the clothes.”

We could write an essay on the above, but this is an industry where the word ‘wearable’ is used as an insult. But, our pithy opinions aisde, you can read the full feature here.

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