01. 97 Winners for the International Architecture Awards

“Ninety seven projects and urban schemes have been recognized as part of this year’s International Architecture Awards program.   For the 2009 Awards, the jury received a record number of entries, from firms in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas.  The International Architecture Awards has “become a global event of an unprecedented scale—an important barometer for the future direction of new architectural design and thinking today—celebrating, recognizing, and highlighting the world’s foremost architectural solutions…” (archdaily)

02. The Redesigned Apple Remote

“Control your Mac, iPod, or iPhone from afar with the sleek aluminum Apple Remote. Play, pause, adjust volume, move forward and back, and access menus while playing music and video.” (apple)

03. Invoice for Day-Ruining (above)

“Amazing creative person Jesse Hirschberg tweeted earlier today her new Invoice for Services Rendered Day-Ruining. This handy invoice form covers all the bases, like expenses for drinks, pizza, drugs, phone calls and general time-wasted. I love how many zeroes you could fit on the ‘In The Amount Of:’ box, that’s probably close to a googolplex. And of course, you get to sign it at the end, with a tiny note stating, ‘a designer who will most likely never work for you again.’ “(+kn)

04. The Practice of Everyday Design Mobile Office

“The Mobile Office was constructed from discarded materials within a one block radius from the site. All the material was transported to the site with our bikes and a makeshift dolly. The only purchased items were the hardware used to hold it together. The mobile office has allowed us to consolidate all the furniture and shelving into one mobile unit. This has freed up our office space allowing us the flexibility to make large scale models and have spontaneous dance parties.” (notcot)

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