While there’s a been a major boon in online retailers in the last couple of years, Oi Polloi are known for being one of the first (and best) to do it. We recently caught up with co-founder Steve Sanderson to find out about how Oi Polloi’s origins, their own label and their magazine, The Rig Out (which the interviewer Glen Kitson worked on).

G- I know working with you on the Rig Out we try to keep it simple, to be uncontrived. It’s almost trying to sell fashion to blokes who wouldn’t admit to being interested in style or fashion?

SS- I’d rather try and make things look real, than looking at some model staring off into the distance for his long lost love…. That stuff is nonsense. We’d love to develop what the Rig Out is; there are loads that could be done with it. It’s a nice way of doing different types of projects, we can work on projects with brands and do nice little stories and put our stamp on things. Rather than doing it all though the Internet, its almost as a reaction from all the blog type sites, its not against them but things are nice in print. People like it because its real, that why people still prefer to buy vinyl or CD’s as opposed to downloading music.
We like paraphernalia, its real. Its tangible.

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