01. Peter Paul Rubens: Graphic Designer
“Today, Peter Paul Rubens is celebrated as the Old Master with a taste for canvasses grand in scale and extravagant in splendor — a man who liked to work big, in all senses of that word. Rubens, no doubt, enjoyed painting large pictures with large themes and large women. These works, however, have an unfortunate tendency to occlude his many other accomplishments.” (design observer).

02. Annual Pumpkin Faces
“Halloween is widely celebrated and hectically commercialized all over the world. The history behind it is backed up by several different theories – ranging from commemorating the day that the spirits of the dead are given a chance to roam the earth again, preparing for the change of season which sees evil spirits being released, to retaliating against the dead who become a danger to the living on the 31st of October as they bring illness and ruin the harvest… Halloween is also a great opportunity to have fun with DIY pumpkin projects.” (designboom).

O3. Wenger at 60
“It is a measure of Arsene Wenger’s impact on global football that having arrived at Arsenal in 1996 to the headline “Arsene Who?”, he could now waltz into almost any managerial post in the world.” (BBC).

04. Fountainhead Reposited: A Pedal Powered Water Purification Island (above)
“Synch your workout with a little river detox, then rehydrate with a cup of the fresh water you just filtered. This people-powered water purification island, designed by Jakub Szczesny as part of the Synchronicity architecture and art festival in Warsaw, Poland, hooks up basic exercise machines to kinetically pump polluted water through four filters into overhead tanks that spill into a large drinking fountain at the end of the cycle. This floating platform on the Vistula River aims to empower citizens toward environmental clean-up, and apparently would work on any body of water with enough local bodies willing to pedal for their potables.” (Inhabitat).

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