01. Mini DV Case iPhone Stand

Have an old DV video tape case sitting around? (likecool)

02. Stools Made From Reclaimed Wood

“Designer Nicolai Czumaj-Bront’s beautiful Pitch stools are made from reclaimed wood, and no two are alike. “As the weathered and worn wood is shaped, the beauty and character from the variation in color, material arrangement, and signs of wear are exposed to produce a highly precise yet imperfect design,” Nicolai writes. “While the overall form is consistent each piece is individual.” (core77)

03. Ciuca Beer (above)

“After the smashing success of Stejar Beer, the people from SAB Miller called us again to renew the Ciucas Ber package and logo. We kept as many element as we could from the previous package versions and just refined them a bit.” (packingoftheworld)

04. ORDOS 100 #47: JSª

“The outside is inside, from the inside you live outside. The idea of the GREENHOUSE is to establish a strong relation between the inhabitants of the house and the site, its climate and context. We have named the main space of the house the “GREENHOUSE”. It is an inside-outside space. It will have an artificially controlled garden that will radiate heat to the house in cold months and allow for crossed natural airflows in the hot months.” (archdaily)

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