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Today we came across an interesting presentation of the work of artist Robert Bradford, known for his various sculptures, made up of old toys, most of the time.

“Toys ARE a colourful version of everyday life including fantasy life, love life, work life, even spiritual life, so pretty much everything can be mentioned/ referred to/ communicated about using them. New ones come out all the time, fads and fancies come and go – a whole cultural and anti-cultural history exists within them, waiting to be explored/ exploited. Like most series, the first couple of pieces were made as experiments, to see if the idea could actually work in tangible reality and of course one thing led to another – but it took me three years of false starts to find the most flexible construction method and another year to start doing it well so it has been no ‘instant fix’.”

You can head over to Yatzer to read a full interview with the artist.

To see more examples of his outstanding work, go after the jump.

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