01. Baton Rouge Library / Trahan Architects

“Louisiana based Trahan Architects, a firm with expertise in institutional design and religious architecture (check the Holy Rosary Church Complex, remarkable project), recently unveiled conceptual design for the renovation and expansion of the River Center Branch Library.” (archdaily)

02. Make Wallpaper A Unique Place For Storage (above)

“Make wallpaper a unique place for storage. A unique solution and replacement to the wall mounted racks…” (notcot)

03. Andy Warhol Polaroids

“Andy Warhol understood the power of immediacy, and the Polaroid Big Shot camera he purchased in 1970 became his favorite tool to capture the heat of the momentous life he lived. The exhibition Big Shots: Andy Warhol Polaroids at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University features nearly 250 Polaroids and 75 black and white prints of the images taken by Warhol from 1970 to 1987.” (coolhunting)

04. Philips Design’s ‘Food Probe’ Promotes Healthy Eating With 3 Concepts

“Pesticides. Genetic-modification. Mistreated animals. It could just about kill anyone’s appetite to hear about all the horrible news about food production. Fortunately, the emerging food revolution focuses on both health and re-establishing the connection between people and the food they eat (making it harder to abuse our food sources). Designers are both leading and answering this shift in interest. Philips Design has begun an investigation called ‘Food Probe’ that looks at current social trends and how this may affect the way that people will eat in the future — and how this will manifest in design. Their investigation includes three parts: a self-contained farm for the kitchen, a nutrition farm and a high-tech cooking device.” (inhabitant)

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