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Here’s a post which is sure to rile up comments. Proletariat Shop in Cambridge, MA wants to re-inforce the hard working blue collar men who helped build the United State. Teaming with Michael Dacey from Repeat Press (down the road from Proletariat in Somerville, MA), they developed a limited run of 25 posters which proudly states the shop’s slogan “Men in Denim Build this Country, Men in Suits Destroy It.”

“The poster was printed on a Vandercook SP20 using a mix of vintage wood type and new woodcuts created specifically for the poster. Four colors were used and a blind impression with our logos was placed at the bottom. Everything was inked by hand with a brayer rather than using the automated inking system on the press. This gives each print a unique texture as the ink was distributed slightly differently for each print. Printed on heavy chipboard in a limited edition of 25.”

The poster is set to launch on the Proletariat website on November 1st with a variety of new products from the shop.

More detailed looks at the Men in Denim Build this Country, Men in Suits Destroy It” Limited Edition Poster after the click.

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