Where the runway meets the street
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We took a stroll through the Naka-meguro district of Tokyo. It may be one of the more laid back shopping districts that I have walked through. Running against the side of a canal (which the Tokyo Superfuture guide mentions as being a “glorified drain,”) Naka-mugero is also a choice living neighborhood for the city’s younger crowd.

We found the “….. Reasearch” store – aptly named for the subdivisions in the company’s “research”. This “research” is then presented as a collection. As of May 2009, they’re onto “Mountain Research” which explores outerwear and camping goods of all varieties. We’ll come back and cover more on this brand in the weeks to come but for now, I leave you with some photos of their vacuum sealed sock packaging. Take them with you on your next canoe ride and ensure dryness.

More looks at the Mountain Research Socks after the click.

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