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RockersNYC presents their latest collection entitled Methods of Droppin Mental. The colors and images of Fall/Winter 09 show the strength and individuality of the RockersNYC brand alongside three epic collabo pieces. RockersNYC and Cassette Playa unified to create two “outergalatic” t-shirts, while new Venice upstart brand Hellaca worked with RockersNYC to pay homage to Suicidal Tendencies artist Rick Clayton.

RockersNYC also presents a new capsule line called RCKRS. Focusing on the anarchal aesthetic of the early 80’s, RCKRS Fall/Winter 09 sends a strong message while staying simple with clean cuts and basic colors. The new gear from both RockersNYC and RCKRS is now in stores worldwide and on

Last but not least, to celebrate the release of the latest season, RockersNYC offers an “intergalactic post-punk dub safari into the inspiration behind Methods of Mental” by way of a mixtape. Now available for download here.

Have a detailed look into the RockersNYC Fall/Winter 2009 collection after the jump.

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