The last time the Bauhaus was explored at MOMA was 1938. Last Sunday, the school returned to focus in New York with a new exhibition entitled Workshops for Modernity: Bauhaus 1919-1933. Reviews thus far have been positive from Wall Street Journal’s Candace Jackson (who is heard in the above video) and the New York Time’s Nicolai Ouroussoff.

Both reviews are well worth reading (and, I’ll add should have been posted on Monday… some jet lag and a loss of a notebook has slowed proceedings), and the exhibition itself seems poised to do what good design exhibitions are supposed to do – shatter preconceived notions and raise new questions, all while celebrating understood achievement. The discovery of Breuer’s “African” chair no doubt adds to the allure of the show.

Workshops for Modernity remains on view through January 25, 2010.

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