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Hand made in England, Bedouin Bags follow an in house mantra of “buy quality, buy once.” The bags are based on the general idea of the Bedouin tent. A rugged shelter for nomadic lifestyle, these tents protected from the elements with a utilitarian exterior and pampered the inhabitant with a luxurious interior. Bedouin bags try to work in much the same way. Hard wearing, secure, and the perfect protection for ones belongings.

Four bags make up the collection – the Medina tote, the Mamuluke overnight, the Barbary messenger bag, and the Janissary laptop tote. Each is made with waterproof waxed cotton or canvas (120z Rhinowax is used for the tote and messenger) and designed with the specific function fully in mind. Unlike the computers, iPods, and other belongings the bags are created to protect, Bedouin product is guaranteed for a life time. They are also available direct from Bedouin Foundry.

Full collection and details follow.

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