01. DC One-Ups New York in Progressive Architecture

“Union Station in Washington, DC, is showing off a shiny new Bike Transit Center that offers secure bike parking for 150 cycles, plus a changing room, lockers, bike rentals, and a repair shop for commuters. Access to the center costs $1 per day or a yearly membership fee of $100, which includes round-the-clock entry…” (flavorwire)

02. Grace – The World’s First e-Motorbike

“Going a bit into a different direction, we show you one of our favorite upcoming toys – the Grace e-Motorbike. It might look like a futuristic version of a regular bike, but it is actually the world’s first e-motorbike that you are allowed to ride on the street. The bike comes with a patented aluminum frame and can go with one battery load…” (highsnobiety)

03. Rod Brakes Are the New Fixed Gear

“I have it under good authority that rod brakes are the new fixed gear. Just wait and see: This time next year, any cyclist worth their salt will be riding proudly upon one of these hi-ten steel beauties – cottered cranks glistening in the Autumn light and brakes mooing soothingly at intersections. What, you doubt me?” (openbicycleblog)

04. Lego Minifigure Kitchen Scales

“Yes, more Lego-related merchandise, this time the Lego Minifigure kitchen scales, which are actually part of a larger Lego kitchen range. Novelty with practicality, these 17cm tall scales will amuse your mates but do a decent job of weighing just about anything in kilograms and ounces using the 15cm-wide tray” (retro2go)

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