As a lefty, much of my student life was spent trying to comfortably position myself in furniture created for the majority. My excitement over finding a left handed desk left classmates amused… consistently from grade school through graduate school. The experience, I believe, has created a fierce interest in writing chairs, student desks, and other combo furniture.

Wurk, a Dutch design firm with strong pedigree in office furnishings, has released images of several pieces offering variation on the classic pupils chair. The Wurkchair turns the seat back parallel to the floor transforming it into a writing slab. Playful, and “recession friendly,” the chair is born from designers reversing their own chairs to write. Another item in Wurk’s working of the Pupil’s Desk takes cues from a children’s wheeled toy horse. Not all work then, an obvious nod to play helping form an amusing new piece of design. Named Antilope, this piece is seen above.

Head to the jump for an image of Wurkchair. (via Core 77).

curated mag - Wurk Pupil's Desks

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