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After showing you this morning already the Patta x Reebok Pump 20, as well as many others from the 20th anniversary line-up, we can also finally show you the Kicks/Hi sneaker today.

“Being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean gives us in Hawaii a different perspective on life. The “Moana” (ocean) has many powerful properties such as healing, birth, death, re-birth/rejuvenation, and energy. It can be calm like a tide pool one minute and a 50 foot tsunami the next. This combination of raw power, unrivaled beauty, and natural life sustaining resources has always been a source of the utmost respect for the ocean in the islands. The Hawaiians have a saying “Mai Huli ‘Oe I Kokua O Ke Kai”, which loosely translates to “never turn your back on the ocean”. This statement is where we drew much of the inspiration for our KICKS/HI x REEBOK PUMP 20 design. In the sense where you should never literally turn your back on the ocean because its strong current can drag you out to sea-the testament to “never turn your back on the ocean” takes on another meaning in that the ocean is such an immense resource of life and health for the entire planet and we should never turn our backs on the ocean and forget to care for it. Keep our beaches and water clean for the sake of our ecosystem for generations to come.

In designing our PUMP 20, we took the iconic Pump’s size (a true hi-top shoe) as an symbol for a big wave-one that you might see at any one of Hawaii’s world renowned surf breaks. The outsole is tan to represent the ocean sand bed. The midsole is the white caps of the waves breaking on the shore-with the blue splatter as sea spray; the upper consists of a deep sea blue to a free-dive blue to symbolize the depths of the ocean; with the tongue acting as the wave’s crest, and the Pump ball representing the sun on a perfect day at the beach.”

Make sure to check out the video presentation here below.

After the jump you will find many more detailed images of the Kicks/Hi x Reebok Pump 20 sneaker, along with some info on the release events that will be held.

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