Here at Selectism, we focus in on the fashions and goods which we believe complement a man’s life. From the next pair of shoes you’ll spend your hard earned money on to next gallery show to take in. While all these goods and events help characterize your personal style, Equinox and their nationwide health club locations will help you take care of your core self.

Like your own personal environment, Equinox delivers a top of class health club that is more inviting than your average health club or gym – and it starts in the locker room. While most fitness centers tend to offer the bare basics in locker room essentials, Equinox spares nothing in bringing you the best in class amenities.

Top shelf grooming products, including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion are fully stocked in Equinox’s locker rooms, as well as organic cotton green towels which are part of the health club’s larger “green initiative” that also includes using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) in their club’s tiles and paints. Equinox delivers on making their health club environment one that you feel comfortable coming to often.

With the Holidays and Winter coming soon, there is no better time to get into a healthy rhythm than now and we’re making it easy with Equinox. Get a three day trial pass for an Equinox location near you and tell them we sent you.

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