Where form meets function

The Christmas decorations covering central London have managed two things – the first has been to trick me into believing it is December (leading to several embarrassing phone calls and a hastily produced Christmas wish list ). Secondly, and related, I’ve actually gotten into the Christmas spirit a bit. I may even send some cards this year.

That feeling has generated a solid search for interesting cards. Those with a little wit, or solid graphic design, typically working best in my mind. House Industries does a good job providing the latter. While they’ve not got cards explicitly, they have produced two pieces from Marilyn & John Newhart from their 1969 Santa Print. Initially conceived as a massive card, the print on both paper and maple is quite nice indeed.

See both after the jump and head to the House Industries Pop Up Shop at the Type Collectors Club, 347 W. 36th Street, New York if your interested. If you’d rather stay home, you can also simply go online, where there are a number of other cool new House things too (like bike shorts, Jeff).

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