01. Last Buell Rolls Off Production Line (above)

“Following the shock decision by parent company Harley-Davidson to kill off the Buell marque, the last bike has now been built and the Buell factory in East Troy, Wisconsin, USA, is now being prepared for closure.” (mcn)

02. Individualism, Identity and Bicycles in Northern California

“Campus is flat enough — and large enough — and the weather so brilliant that nearly everyone cycles. And whoever all these cyclists are, as individuals, their individuality is burnished by the bikes they ride and by the way they ride them. It’s as though the bikes are only partly transportation, as though they were really machines for differentiation.” (nyt)

03. Rihanna Kitchen Scale Features Ipod Dock, Heavy D’s Scale Plays Vinyl

“If you haven’t yet invested in an iPod dock for the kitchen, the kids at ADE (a German company that manufactures cooking equipment for commercial and home use) have something right up your alley. The Rihanna kitchen scale features an iPod dock, an LCD display, and a 2 watt speaker that sits demurely beneath glass weighing area. This bad boy will handle up to 11 pounds (graduated in .04 ounce steps). Look for it soon-ish for around $105. And no, it has nothing to do with the popular recording artist of the same name.” (engadget)

04. Cardboard Meeting Booths – New Meme?

“A few of these “furniture as meeting space” proposals have popped up over the past year and I wonder if it is just a meme or a new prototypical piece office furniture, eventually to be as common as desk, task chair, filing cabinet…?” (workalicious)

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