While for many men the boat shoe is a seasonal wear, for me it is a year long obsession. I run through them with such frequency that searching for the next pair consumes some significant time. Chasing the holy grail, a Helly Hansen model with padded tongue has proved fruitless, but I’ve become hopefully that the offering from Chatham Marine might fill the void.

Chatham Marine has “traded on the weekend sailor” for the past 20 years from their base in Exeter. There’s an emphasis on function, with their boat shoe manages through the magic of being machine washable. Like my loved Helly Hansen, the Chatham Marine boat shoe also has a padded tongue (essential when boat shoes are also favored biking shoes) and are hand stitched.

While they might not have the style appeal of the completely hand-made, they appear more than ably suited for a variety of uses. Take a walk to No. 6 if they strike your fancy. A few more color choices appear after the jump as well.

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