Last night BBC 2’s anticipated apprentice/pop idol art program “School of Saatchi” aired its opening episode. Judged by (left to right) Kate Bush, Matthew Collings, Tracy Emin, and Frank Cohen, the show is designed to help bring British contemporary art out from the shadows of the YBA’s. There has been, I should note, some discussion about this very issue in both press and television. Whether it is of actual national concern is irrelevant, that there is a genuine interest and perhaps concern about the state of art in Britain is positive. The winner of Saatchi’s show gets a rather grand showing at the Hermitage (in fact, Newspeak: British Art Now, is already on view… and the Times article on Saatchi’s new crop is well worth reading.

Despite being tipped as “pick of the day” by several press outlets, there are suspiciously few reviews of “School of Saatchi” in today’s papers save for one in the Guardian. It’s worth reading as the summation of episode 1 is to the point and quite accurate of my own feeling.

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