It’s no secret that fewer men attend group fitness classes than women – though Equinox hopes to change that. With new group fitness classes catering towards more intense strength building exercises, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find some of these classes as serious as your weightlifting routine – if not more serious.

Take Whipped! for example, one of Equinox’s newer group fitness programs. The tools are simple but the motions are extremely difficult. You’ll be using a heavy weight ungulating strength rope for 30 to 60 second intervals. Sounds easy enough? Not really.

As Mark Hendricks, from Equinox’s Group Fitness Department explains it, “Essentially what you do is lift it up and down as fast as you can for very short intervals. The intervals are only about 30 seconds to one minute… to watch someone do it, you think ‘I can do that,’ but once you take the class and lift that rope for 30 seconds, you’ll barely catch your breath.”

You’ll work harder than you can imagine taking the Whipped! classes. With a strength rope as thick as your wrist, it will make you appreciate the full body workout found in a group fitness class

You’ll have to give all you’ve got to give when attending Whipped!

Selectism readers, head over to your local Equinox health club and experience a group fitness class with a three-day guest pass. We’re certain you’ll be telling your friends about it.

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