The Scandinavia House: Nordic Center in America plays host to the first North American showing of drawings by visionary Swedish artist Carl Fredrick Hill. Over 75 drawings, Hill’s position as a precursor to several modern art movements (surrealism, pop, etc.). The work presented in the exhibition comes from the collection of the Maimo Art Museum and represents a period in Hill’s life where he was considered incurably insane. This lasted, it seems, for most of his adult life, as Hill suffered mental breakdown at age 29, the result (perhaps) of considerable early acclaim.

Of course, the exhibition is not about insanity or the nature of artistic obsession, but it does highlight the work of the artist and introduce Carl Fredrick Hill properly to American gallery goers.

On view through January 9, 2010.

The Scandinavia House is located at 58 Park Avenue, New York, NY. Visit their site to see more images and learn more about Hill.

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