Splitting Adam CD Packaging

01. UrbanBuds: Soiled Suitcases Grow Food

“Gionata Gatto, an Italian designer based in the Netherlands, has soiled and seeded suitcases and such for gardening on the go. Designed as a graduation project, UrbanBuds enlivens luggage to grow up to 36 different food plants, either as still life or meals on wheels. Get a handle on your personal baggage and turn any place into a sustainable space simply by showing up and showing off some cultivation.” (inhabitant)

02. IT-Fornebu by A-Lab

“The building is located in Fornebu, the former Oslo Airport, Norway. The new Portal building is an extension to the old Airport Terminal building housing the Business and incubation centre for information technology companies; IT-Fornebu. The Fornebu area is experiencing a surge in development, transforming a previously Airport into a new city-wide destination for business. The IT-Fornebu Portal building consists of approximately 28000 m2, was developed by the IT-Fornebu Eiendom and designed by A-lab architects. a-lab was commissioned to develop the building, after winning the competition in 2004.” (archinect)

03. Splitting Adam, a holographic cover (above)

“CD packaging for the band “Splitting Adam”. The concept surrounds a fictitious character named Adam and his internal struggle with an audio triggered bipolar disorder. The cover splits Adam to reveal inside his head, a 3D animated hologram which morphs from a passive lamb into an aggressive ape. The cd and insert artwork documents Adam’s mental state along with vital stats and final prognosis.” (hardformat)

04. Kraftwerk Remastered LPs

“Due to some licensing issues (don’t you love those?) only 5 of the 8 albums are getting the deluxe vinyl treatment, but what a treatment it is – with full-size artwork and booklets accompanying each heavy-weight vinyl release. We aren’t usually ones to celebrate the glut of classic vinyl “reissues” (i.e. big labels cashing in on the vinyl craze) but it really looks like a lot of thought and care went into these and I can speak from personal experience that the originals of these albums are not always easy to track down on vinyl. For less than $20 each, these do indeed look like a great value.” (omgvinyl)

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