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As part of their Maitres du Savoir Faire custom collection, Louis Vuitton worked with UK artist Damien Hirst on a special trunk.

“Damien Hirst was inspired by the movie Dead Ringers by David Cronenburg in which a display of beauti- ful stainless steel surgical instruments caught his imagination. He wanted a piece that was visually stunning in black leather with dark blue velvet interior and toprint his beautiful butterflies on to the outside. Louis Vuitton was inspired by the iconic secre- tary trunk to create two twin trunks with opposite frontal openings and silver hardware finishings.

Each trunk contains 10 different sized drawers with compartments made to accomodate each individual surgical instrument. In line with Damien’s desires the twin trunks have been made in black Nomade leather with a deep blue microfibre lining. The leather has been specially printed with an array of butterflies individually placed by Damien himself. Two silver skulls are incrusted in each of the inside of the lids.”

After the jump you can take another look at the artist working on the trunk and the trunk itself.

Via ilvoelv.

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