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Headphones have evolved in recent years from a simple product into a fashion accessory. Suddenly fashion brands all over the globe start offering their very own. Just this morning we presented the new adidas x Sennheiser headphones and now we introduce an entirely new player in the market, that has big plans for the future – Urbanears.

The new headphone from Urbanears, is designed to be the perfect classic product, utilizing innovative functions and performance with todays technology. The Plattan which collects its name from Stockholm’s most central and classic meeting point, is the rendezvous of timeless features and pioneering solutions in contemporary design and function.

The Plattan is a medium size headphone allowing for rich, secluded sound. And for maximum mobility, you can fold it down to the size of your fist for safe keeping when not in use. It also comes with a custom microphone and remote which is compatible with iPhone, Nokia, HTC and Blackberry.

An exclusive feature that makes the Plattan even more interesting is the Zound Plug – a socket on the earcap that allows your friend to plug into your earcap and listen to the same thing as you are listening to.

Look out for a first release of the Urbanears headphones later this year.

Detailed images of the Urbanears Plattan Headphones follow after the jump.

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