Where form meets function

There are a great number of books about chairs. My own shelves strain from heavy volumes on American Windsors Chairs, the designs of Hepplewhite, and the work of Gustav Stickley. Some of these books are better than others, and while the minutia of distinct turning and the thrill of discovering that a round tenon has been used to adhere the crest rail to stile excites me to no end, I realize that to most it is utter tedium.

Chairs, however, do have some universal appeal. Since most fans of design are not complete nerds, books like Chairs by Judith Miller, which combine beautiful photographs and chronological introductions to major styles and innovations, are well suited. Miller’s new volume covers 400 years of chair design. Wainscot Chairs share space with Marc Newson, and Miller’s own love and knowledge of antiques supposedly comes through in sound contextual snippets.

Judith Miller has been collecting antiques since the 1960s. Chairs is out from Conran Octopus.

Available now through Amazon.

Pictures of chairs follow.

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