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Taking inspiration from hard working American men of the 1930s through the 1950s, the new Homeroom Holiday 2009 Collection reflects the values and the blue collar work-ethic of those times. It’s the telling of man who starts his day at the break of dawn, labors until dusk, and comes home to his family, only to repeat another arduous routine the very next day. This collection is the archetype of these traditional facets of life, which are mirrored within Americana and the ideology to achieve status-quo. American Rejects embodies the overturn of classics with the intention of manifesting progressive change in style.

HomeRoom has grown and matured as has its collection. American Rejects features pieces that embody simple, nostalgic Americana. The varsity jacket (touchdown) and the shortened peacoat (docks & piers) are made of 100% California wool and leather right in San Francisco. The collection has released this week at retailers and the Homeroom online store.

More pictures of the Homeroom Holiday 2009 Collection follow after the jump.

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