There is a refreshing focus on the individual at Equinox Health Clubs that goes well beyond the locker room floor and group programs. Their technology and creative departments work just as hard to offer members personalized options that integrate their workouts with their online and mobile tools and their music.

For example: MYEQ. Equinox’s technology department has been hard at work in bringing reservation tools for their members that go beyond the traditional signup. With the MYEQ iPhone application, Equinox members can not only easily check in to their member club, they can also reserve their favorite bike for a spinning class, view schedules, and import them into your favorite calendar application.

As your time becomes more and more of a premium, MYEQ ensures you’ll have access to your equipment when you need it. No health club makes it easier to stay connected. With your iPhone app keeping you in order, it’s time to get your playlist ready for your workouts. Feel free to set up a playlist before you step into the Equinox club, but if you’re looking for some new sounds be sure to explore their “EQ Sessions.”

“EQ Sessions,” is a collection of curated music selections from well known artists including Laroux (you know the Skream remix), Stevie Knicks, Madonna, and many others. Don’t have an iPhone? All good. The “EQ Sessions” are also available through their online MYEQ site. From personalized web and mobile tools to music and playlists, Equinox caters to the members and that’s how it should be. Readers, get a no-cost three day guest pass at any Equinox club in your city and experience it for yourself.

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