Today marks the reopening of the V&A Medieval and Renaissance Galleries. They’ve been reviewed by Richard Dormant of The Telegraph, who has declared them “a complete success.” Given the wonder of the new Ceramics galleries, there is little doubt that these too will amaze, educate, and entertain visitors.

The space is broken into themed periods. For example the years 1450-1600 (“A World of Goods) are used to assess how design ideas were exchanged within and outside of Europe. A final section, “Living with the Past” sheds light on the material that exists outside the museum… highlighting how fragments of the past still exist in English towns today. This portion is evidence of the V&A’s excellence in interpretation – time and again the museum proves willing and able to address multiple learning styles, angles, and to contextualize the past in current terms.

For those (like me) unable to get in today, the related website is filled to the brim with excellent information. Don’t let it consume your working day. Do, however, give it some time.

A few more images which accompanied Mr. Dormant’s review are found after the jump.

curated mag - V&A Medieval and Renaissance Galleries

curated mag - V&A Medieval and Renaissance Galleries

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