01. Sony to Film 2010 World Cup in 3D For Futbol-Loving Countries Only

“Sony will be lugging its 3D cameras to South Africa next year to film up to 25 World Cup matches. It marks a big commitment to a technology they’re pushing hard, and comes on the heels of Panasonic’s similar plans for a 3D Winter Olympics. More importantly, an accompanying 3D Blu-ray disc of match highlights will be released later next year that should play to the format’s strengths. It’ll also give you a chance to wear some fugly glasses.” (gizmodo)

02. Mercedes and McLaren bid farewell to SLR, each other (above)

“A joint effort between Mercedes-Benz and its erstwhile Formula One racing partner McLaren, the SLR spawned five variants: the original coupe and roadster, the 722 coupe and roadster and the Stirling Moss edition… not to mention a racing version or two. Over the course of its five-year production run, more than 2,000 examples were built, making the SLR one of the most prolific supercars in automotive history. As the final examples of the Stirling Moss roll out of the McLaren factory in Woking, its parents are going their separate ways: Mercedes has sold its stake back to McLaren, acquired its own F1 team, and each has produced its own successor: the SLS AMG and the MP4-12C.” (autoblog)

03.The Quietus Self-Indulgent Reissues, Comps & Mixes 2009 40 – 21

“The Quietus looks back over the past year to pick our favourite reissues, mix CDs and compilations of 2009. Guaranteed ten year vintage nu metal free”  (quietus)

04. Study Design and Typography in Italy with SVA

“The School of Visual Arts in New York City is offering a masters workshop on design, history, theory and practice in Venice and Rome, geared especially towards professionals. The workshop will start on May 30th in Venice and moves to Rome on June 6th for the last six days. If you’re a practicing designer looking to take an enriching vacation, this would be it.” (core77)

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