Under European Union law, a selection of foodstuffs are protected by designation of origin. Delicacies you may be familiar with – champagne, parma ham, etc. – fall into this system of warding off the fakes. For the Anglophile, few foods with Protected Geographical Indication are as frequently championed as Melton Mobray Pork Pies. You know its official if the pie has bowed sides, among other notable distinctions outlined by the Melton Mobray Pork Pie Association. The Association formed in 1998 with the express purpose of gaining PGI. Now achieved, 9 manufactures are sanctioned to make Melton Mobray Pork Pies. One is Dickinson & Morris.

Dickinson & Morris was founded in 1848 by John Dickinson to cater to the growing hunger for pork pies on the newly minted Midland Railway line. The Morris name was added in 1901 when apprentice Joseph Morris enters a true partnership with mentor John. In 1986 the firm wowed the world by producing one of the grandest pork pies in history – weighing almost 86 pounds. Most importantly, the firm’s history and heritage have made it the go to bakery for Melton Mobray Pork Pies.

For more information on Melton Mobray Pork Pies, look for The History of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie by Trevor Hickman at your local book seller or Amazon. The fascinating history of the pie is traced from Edward Adcock’s initial move to wholesale the pie in 1831. Riveting history.

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