As most readers will surely know, Miami hosted Art Basel and its related contemporary art fairs last week. Karen Rosenberg reviewed the event for the New York Times last Friday, noting a more relaxed atmosphere than previous years (to be expected) and commenting on the scale of many of the presented works. Large is in favor. Perhaps a bag for ones dollar scenario, but certainly also benefiting from works of art that command attention. One such piece generating major buzz from the show has been Kehinde Wiley’s equestrian portrait of Michael Jackson shown by Deitch. Regardless of the feelings Wiley elicits, this work remains hard to ignore.

Another piece that’s hard to ignore is “ABMB at Hooverville” by William Powhida and collaborator Jane Townsend (above). The sartirical drawing recieves full attention in today’s NYT, and comments on the state of the art world. Damien Cave recognizes the rarity of Powhida’s  content – writing “Mr. Powhida (pronounced pow-HIGH-da), who lives in Brooklyn, stands out here not only because he is one of the few artists to regularly address these issues, but because he takes them on in the context of this very world.”

Both articles are worth reading, offering differing takes on the fair and introducing a positive range of the contemporary art shown over the past week. Highlights from the Friday’s review are after the jump.

"Fatso," Amy Sillman Rosen Crow "Michael Jackson," by Kehinde Wiley "VIP," by Elmgreen & Dragset
From the School of Gabriel Orozco

From the School of Gabriel Orozco

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