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Alternative Risk Transfer is going down this weekend at The Rag Factory (yes, same venue as the previously mentioned Sick Boy installation). Curated by Eugene Perera, the show hopes to galvanize reflection about the nature of art as commodity.

The chips are down for 16 artists in an exhibition taking place at The Rag Factory this December. In an unusual twist on the debate over the value of art, participating artists will stake their work against collectors, curators and each other in a series of “after hours” poker sessions in a constantly shifting microcosm of the art market. The A.R.T. Organisation presents Alternative Risk Transfer, an ‘Art Casino’ where risky behaviours are given free rein in London’s East End. Curated by London based artist Eugene Perera in collaboration with Eiko Honda and Christopher Thomas, the exhibition features work
from 16 selected artists exploring the matrix of chance, skill and risk-taking arranged on 2 floors of The Rag Factory near Brick Lane.

Worth checking out if you are in London. Select works from the show follow.

'Brave Godself Grave' by Elena Cecchinato

'dice of indecision' by E A Byrne

Patrick Goddard

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