Arkitip has announced their new issue edition, this time working with external curators, which is a first for the magazine.

“ll serve as the working catalog for their creative concept. Arkitip will art direct the edition along with the curators to make the collaborative process come full circle.

In this creative expression, the edition is no longer only a singular voice. Technology and the culture’s admiration of collaboration has given us the opportunity to exchange ideas across time zones, lifestyles and disciplines. The art of collaboration has been renewed by a new generation raised on digital media and global connections. Collaborative ideas have never been so prolific or powerful thanks to a newly technologically empowered individual. Alex Calderwood and John C Jay join forces to create an edition of Arkitip born from a provocative dialogue between unique individuals from their own personal network of creatives.

As is customary, we will produce a collector’s item supplement to be included with each issue edition, designed in partnership with the curators of this one of a kind issue edition.”

The issue will be released on December 15th.

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