01. Persian Explosion by Studio Mango

“Traditional motifs are blown up so that the result is like looking at part of a carpet under a microscope.” (mocoloco)

02. Elbow Album Sessions Dabbling In ‘Shoegaze & Psychedelia’

“Elbow lead singer Guy Garvey has revealed that the recording sessions for the band’s new album have included experiments with ‘shoegaze’ and ‘psychedelia.’  Speaking to Teletext, Garvey said: ‘We listen back every few weeks and have a culling. It goes on like that, until there are really solid foundations for 15 or 16 songs..’ ” (thequietus)

03. Yard-O-Led Edwardian Pencil

“Yard-O-Led is a famous writing implement manufacturer. For those who appreciate graphite writing implements, their products have a unique appeal. The company’s original offering, the mechanical pencil, is still made in historic styles and formats by a team of six in Birmingham, England. Unlike many other fine writing implement manufacturers, their pencils are not derivatives of a pen offering – the pencils have a unique mechanism and format which has remained essentially unchanged from 1934 to the present.” (penciltalk)

04. Magno Wooden Radio Mini Edition by Singgih Kartono (above)

“We’ve seen many incarnations of the Magno in the past months, but the Magno Wooden Radio Mini Edition is arguably the most eye-catching – and certainly the smallest. Could be the cheapest too.” (r2go)

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