01. Fire & Knives: Print, Resurgent (above)

“We recently received issue number one of Fire & Knives, a new print quarterly of “new writing about food” out of the UK. In their own words: “We give established writers a place for work that would not be published elsewhere; new writers a place to show themselves and experts in other fields an opportunity to write about our favourite subject.” It’s a rather handsome and inspiring publication, lovingly-designed, all in a format (smaller, thicker stock than your typical magazine) that eschews the glossy.” (eatmedaily)

02. Niagara: It Has It All

“A memory. I am twelve years old and win my local newspaper’s writing contest, along with the $100 prize. I planned my piece carefully and, with the day’s most boosterish tourist slogans in mind, chose my headline: ‘Niagara: It has it all’…It’s a clear winner, particularly in the context of early 1980s Niagara, a place which really did have it all, but in all the wrong ways.” (designobserver)

03. Ten Calendars For 2010

“For all the uses of a calendar—marking engagements, identifying days, counting down time and organizing schedules—digital might suffice but nothing beats the charm of a well-designed paper version. More than just a simple record of duties and celebrations, calendars themselves add a chic touch to environments with beautiful illustrations and images.” (coolhunting)

04. Led Action Façade, Digital Façade for Medialab Prado

“The city is created under emergency conditions: On the one hand, the obligation to update its infrastructures and, on the other hand, the need to maintain the same standards as in other cities, both of which require the continuous incorporation of new technologies to public spaces. If the now rare telephone booths were an example of this modernising in their day, today’s urban screens are so now. Once the economic factors were overcome, they were implemented all over the city following confused criteria linked to business performance and inertia inherited from previous examples, such as in Times Square in New York.” (archdaily)

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