One of the better features at The Magazine Antiques is “A Closer Look,” which provides brief object based lessons hitting points of biography, design, use, and inspiration. Above is one example, Josef Hoffman’s Sitzmaschine (a machine for sitting). Manufactured by J&J Kohn of Austria in 1905, Hoffman’s design was inspired by British arts & crafts architect Philip Webb. The chairs use speaks to less decorative concerns. During the first half of the 20th century, reclining chairs were used in the treatment of tuberculosis. Hoffman’s Sitzmaschine is widely recognized as the first modernist example of “the cure chair.”

The full story of Hoffman’s design is available here, and this post is meant as just a teaser. The four boxes you see at key points above relate to a specific topic (biography, design, etc.) and a similar set up is employed for a great selection of objects on The Magazine Antiques website. The feature is well worth exploring in full.

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