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This morning we gave you some detailed looks at the Destroyer Varsity Jacket Tokyo, here now some detail shots of the New York version. Nike designers began a mission to re-craft iconic sports apparel in the most technical materials they could find. The ubiquitous American varsity jacket was an obvious choice for the experiment that would become Nike Sportswear. Raiding the All Conditions Gear (ACG) innovation cache, they found fabrics, laminates and bonding methods that could brave nasty weather but still look fresh. The first letterman’s jacket was for an imaginary team called the Dunk High Destroyers. Limited numbers were produced. The next version got even more technical, but the Destroyer name stuck. The laser-cut, waterproof, bonded zipper became a signature feature of those early hybrids, encapsulating what you often couldn’t see on the products: futuristic functionality that never detracts from a timeless aesthetic.

The jacket will released at 21 Mercer on December 18th.

Detailed images of the jacket follow after the jump.

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