Regular readers will notice regular postings about new magazines. “Say print ain’t dead!” Let’s face it, print probably is dying and for good reason. Digital technologies do allow for more innovative options in content and user experience. Plus, they don’t create physical waste (just drains on electricity and other resource).

What is lost, is the tactile feel of the magazine. BERG’s Mag+ concept works to establish a digital platform that doesn’t divorce itself too much from the true magazine experience. Does it work? Not yet. And, it won’t appeal much to the hoarder in all of us… what are magazines without stacks of them about?

Creative Review has a full rundown of the project. Well worth taking a peak as it is 1) more articulate than the above and 2) includes actual technical details.

Are you too lazy to go to another site? Then head to the jump and watch on of the prototype videos for Mag+.

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