01. Hidden Gadget Charging Station Could Save Marriages

“I have what I consider to be a modest number of gadgets lying around the house. The exact number is usually in flux, depending on what I’m reviewing for CrunchGear. Nonetheless, there’s almost always something sitting in my living room plugged into an outlet to charge. My lovely wife just barely tolerates this, and regularly asks if I need to have all these things lying about.” (cgear)

02. Frazer Parfum (above)

“An 18th century traditional method of perfumery the hand gathered organic beeswax is infused with natural perfume. Each 5g parfum solide is housed in a hand carved sustainable African Blackwood pincushion compact illustrated by Heather Moore of Cape Town. Both the perfume and the wood appreciate with age. The outer-packaging is a matchbox-inspired box. Convenient for travel.”(dieline)

03. Wind Turbine Transformed Into World’s Largest Revolving LED Christmas Star (above)

“What Christmas is complete without a giant spinning illuminated star? This one is the largest in the world and just happens to be made up of LED lights, allowing it to use the same amount of energy as a common hairdryer! The revolving LED superstar was designed and built by Siemens and is currently mesmerizing viewers in Munich. Check out our amazing pics of this brightly lit installation with 9,000 LED lights spinning away into the night.” (inhabitant)

04. From Brick To Magic Mouse: 25 Years Of Apple Mice

“Hard to believe that’s what a computer mouse used to look like on the inside. I still remember having to scrape the accumulated lint off that ball with an X-acto knife so I could smoothly work my 72-dpi Photoshop renderings. The photo is part of Flickr user raneko’s excellent ’25 Years of Apple Mouse Evolution’ series, which ranges from the 1984 brick to the 2009 Magic Mouse.” (core77)

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