Letterpress Coasters from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

Michael Dacey over at Repeat Press inside the Fringe Movement Studio in Somerville, MA worked up these custom two sided coasters for Highsnobiety and Selectism.

The coasters were run off on Michael’s early 1966 Vandercook SP20 Press using coaster stock. Each sheet housed four coasters which were then cut on a vintage Challenge Advance Guillotine Cutter and corners were rounded using a new old stock 60’s Lassco Corner Cutter. The finished coasters were then hand banded and glue to form.   Not surprisingly, we ran out of the inital run but plan on pressing more in the New Year. Many thanks to Michael for an amazing job.

The video above was shot, edited, and produced by Steve Schinnerer/Iloveqp also working out of the Fringe Movement Studio in Somerville, MA. We cannot thank Stebs enough for his time and energy in making this clip for us. (music: The White Stripes – “I Fought Piranhas”)

Maybe we will be giving some away soon. Some behind the scenes images from the production follow here.

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